What, if anything, do children owe their parents?

This may seem like a debatable topic, but let me just quote answers from this wonderful Quora Q&A that I generally agree with:

Children do not owe anything to their parents, purely by virtue of the relationship of parenthood.

Any adult, who believes a child becomes indebted due to the act of raising that child, is ill-prepared to raise children. That parent will end up with a child who is resentful of the parent.

Nothing from parenthood itself. People choose to become parents because they want to be parents, and not in an effort to do the kids a favor. […] But of course parents deserve the same courtesy as every other human being: if they treat you well, they deserve to be treated well.

Someone did the math


What if every cat in the world surrounded you and meowed at the same time? How loud would it be?


[…] it would be about 97dB. That’s something like the sound of a loud motorcycle passing right by you. Not deafening, but uncomfortably loud.

Interestingly you don’t even need all the cats in the world. After about 10,000 cats, they start getting too far away to matter.

Not convinced? Check out the math involved here: imgur.com

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Parenting mistakes to avoid

If your child is secretive and lacks trust, it might be because of your excessive irritability.

If your child often shows envy and jealousy, it might be because you compare her too often with someone else.

If a child is rude, it might be because they’re following the example of their parents or a family member.

If your child lies to you, it might be because you reacted too harshly to their previous mistake.

If your child doesn’t respect others, it might be because you tell her what to do without acknowledging her feelings.

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