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Website migration from static HTML to WordPress
  • installation and configuration of staging and live WordPress websites on web hosting server
  • domain configuration to have parallel URLs for staging and live
  • premium child theme setup with Genesis Framework (parent theme)
  • plugins setup
  • MailChimp mailing list integration
  • content migration from old HTML website to staging
  • staging technical audit (pagespeed, crawlability, responsiveness)
  • sync staging to live
  • live technical audit
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VA & Technical Support for WordPress Multisite
  • employee #2, VA, team lead & trainer
  • email support (Gmail, HelpScout)
  • 100+ WordPress website setups in a multisite network specialized for businesses in the food and hospitality industry
  • theme customization and content migration
  • theme QA
  • newsletter setup (MailChimp)
  • 3rd-party integration (online ordering, reservations, email marketing)
  • social media marketing (profile setup, scheduled sharing)
  • analytics and reporting (Google Analytics, Google Sheets)



  • keyword research
  • competition analysis
  • link building

Graphic Design

Logos & Tarpaulins
  • designed from scratch (no downloaded online template used)
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Need help with some tasks or a small project?

I have a regular job at the moment so I’ll only be able to work on light tasks and projects that aren’t too urgent on the side (max 10 hrs/week).

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