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Free service to upscale and improve your photos and images using state-of-art neural networks. Image upscaling supercharged. Remove JPEG artifacts, upscale 4X, preserve quality. One-click and free.

Dubbed as a “neural network image super-resolution and enhancement” service, Let’s Enhance got me super-interested, I had to give it a test since it’s free to try anyways. Continue reading – a free web-based app that is better than Photoshop in enlarging photos

Parenting mistakes to avoid

If your child is secretive and lacks trust, it might be because of your excessive irritability.

If your child often shows envy and jealousy, it might be because you compare her too often with someone else.

If a child is rude, it might be because they’re following the example of their parents or a family member.

If your child lies to you, it might be because you reacted too harshly to their previous mistake.

If your child doesn’t respect others, it might be because you tell her what to do without acknowledging her feelings.

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How to study based on how memory works

Remember GOAT ME:

  • G is generate and test. Quiz yourself and teach others.
  • O is organize. Organize with outlines, pictures, color coding, related material, etc.
  • A is avoid illusions of learning. Avoid study methods that rely on recognition. If you can’t remember it at any given time, you don’t know it. Learn, not memorize or familiarize.
  • T is take breaks. Make sure you take breaks and get enough sleep. You can’t remember large chunks on information in one sitting. Stand up and come back to it at a later time.
  • M is match learning and testing conditions. Learn in similar conditions as when you will take the test. One tip is to chew gum when studying a certain subject, and then chew the same flavor of gum later during the test. It will help you remember.
  • E is elaborate. Think deeply about the material and make other associations with it.