How to study based on how memory works

Remember GOAT ME:

  • G is generate and test. Quiz yourself and teach others.
  • O is organize. Organize with outlines, pictures, color coding, related material, etc.
  • A is avoid illusions of learning. Avoid study methods that rely on recognition. If you can’t remember it at any given time, you don’t know it. Learn, not memorize or familiarize.
  • T is take breaks. Make sure you take breaks and get enough sleep. You can’t remember large chunks on information in one sitting. Stand up and come back to it at a later time.
  • M is match learning and testing conditions. Learn in similar conditions as when you will take the test. One tip is to chew gum when studying a certain subject, and then chew the same flavor of gum later during the test. It will help you remember.
  • E is elaborate. Think deeply about the material and make other associations with it.


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