The backfire effect

I really love this analogy by The Oatmeal regarding what our worldview (sometimes undeniably AKA self-righteousness) makes of us when challenged.


Your brain loves consistency. It builds a worldview like we build a house. It has a foundation and a frame, and windows and doors, and it knows exactly how everything fits together.

If a new piece is introduced and it doesn’t fit, the whole house falls apart. Your brain protects you by rejecting that piece. It then builds a fence and a moat, and refuses to let in any visitors.

This is why we have the backfire effect. It’s a biological way of protecting a worldview.

Are kids using their devices too much?

Growing up, and even as a parent now, this topic still seems to be #UnpopularOpinionPuffin material.

If you want a better argument against tech use, it’s that hours spent on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat could lead you, as a parent, to have to deal with issues surrounding body shaming, bullying or even predatory interactions with those much older, at a younger age. […] While we criticize children for focusing too much on their electronic devices, I’d argue that the real criticism should fall firmly on us, the parents.

– Bryan Clark, Think kids are using their devices too much? I think they’re not using them enough